moving premises checklist

Checklist for moving premises, Part 1.

It’s said that the biggest thing you’ll do in your life is move home…

But what if what you are moving is 10, 50, or 100 times larger than an average house?

It’s a scary thing, we know.  Deciding to move your business takes a lot of courage.  Perhaps you’ve outgrown your present location, your lease is running out or maybe there’s a business strategy reason, like Brexit.

If you’re a small business, this is probably your livelihood, your passion that you have nurtured from the start.  If the move doesn’t go well then your business may falter.

In a large business, your performance appraisal may rely on a successful move; or you have a limited window to complete the move before your “season” starts.

Regardless of your size, priorities or sector, we’re going to give you our top tips for a successful move.  This week, it’s for:

Moving a warehouse

Assign a project manager

It’s essential you have someone who is experienced and who doesn’t get flustered when things don’t go according to plan.  This is the person who will take charge, scope the size of the task, plan it, arrange the resources and lead the move itself,

Decide what your priorities are

Is it speed (limited downtime), accuracy of packing (to allow easy unpacking), safety and security of stock, cost minimisation (budget constraints), minimal disruption to the business (eg. out of season),

Assess the risks to success

How is the access at both sites, what fixtures, fittings and plant need moving, are there restrictions on when the move can take place, what external resources are you going to need?

It’s all in the planning! 

Plan, check and replan. Winging it will only get you so far on the day,

Build in contingency as things will not go according to plan!

Be it an issue with access, a crash on the motorway, running out of boxes or the lorries not arriving on time,

Do a timed trial run

Pack a box, unit or shelf; put it in your car; drive it to your new site and unload it.  Then assess whether everything went according to plan,

Have dedicated teams to pack, move and unpack, then get everyone else out of the way

It may feel that having more people is better however it is likely that you have limited space (especially in your current site), and having more people will just add to your constraints.  Assign and train people for the roles they are going to do,

Be prepared for unexpected issues…invariably, something is going to trip you up!

So, those are our Top Tips for a successful move.  Good luck and to find out how Retonomy can help, contact us here.